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Jura Impressa J9 One Touch  Coffee Machine…



Jura J5

The Jura Impressa J5 Coffee Machine is an impression coffee machine that works well whether you love espresso or you like using espresso as the base for other kinds if drinks. Its  display features a menu button for adjusting the coffee it brews, but this display also has several recipes that you can make with a press of the screen. You can get a look at some of its other features and find out if we think it’s worth an investment.



The Impressa J5 from Jura is its One Touch Coffee Machine, which has a display that lets you operate the machine and change any of the coffee and espresso drinks that you want to make with just one or two touches. Once you select the right drink, you can adjust the water temperature and other settings to make coffee drinks that look and taste like those that barista professionals make. As the coffee spouts are adjustable with the touch of a button too, this coffee machine will work with all your mugs.

No matter how you like to grind beans for coffee, the J5 can create beans that are as fine as sugar or much coarser. All those beans, which you can keep stored in the attached bean hopper, will drop inside the grinder, which has six different settings that you can then use.

If you like coffee that is a little creamier and has a distinct taste of milk, you can use the vacuum canister. This canister uses stainless steel to keep milk chilled and at a low temperature before serving.


• TFT display provides instant and convenient access to all the settings and features as well as various drink recipes
• Has a touch button for quick adjustment of the coffee spouts to fit different mugs and cups
• A conical burr grinder features six different levels to grind beans to a thinner or finer texture and to a much coarser texture
• Pre-brew aroma system increases and enhances the aroma that comes from coffee beans and also improves the strength of cups brewed
• Can change and adjust the way the machine and its filter works based on the hardness of your home’s water supply
• Fine foam technology whips the milk with just the right amount of air to deliver a lighter and more delicious foam
• Its monitored drip tray issues an alert on the TFT display when it fills with water and other liquids to keep those liquids from spilling over
• Additional alerts show up on the J5 needs any type of maintenance
• Milk frothing attachment has a rotary knob that adjusts to make the froth or foam necessary for specific drinks
• Comes with a vacuum canister made from stainless steel to keep the milk at a low temperature


• One of several Jura coffee makers that are now quite hard to find unless you buy second hand or from an online seller
• Jura cannot fix all repairs and may recommend that you purchase a new machine rather than try to repair it

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Jura XJ9

fully Reconditioned


  • 15 – 25 staff office
  • Fresh coffee beans & fresh milk

  • 1 touch operation for black coffees (45 sec)

  • 2 step operation for milk coffees – Select flat or foam milk (55 sec)

  • Makes cappuccinos, cafe lattes, flat whites, long blacks, espressos and milk

  • Built-in Aroma+ hardened stainless steel coffee grinder with adjustable grind fineness

  • Grinds up to 16 grams of coffee for true double shots

  • Fine foam automatic milk frother

  • TFT colour graphic display with onscreen instructions

  • Make adjustments to your coffee to suit personal preference without changing programmed settings.

  • TUV certified hygiene​

  • Fully automatic coffee system clean

  • Claris Pro filters – Superior coffee quality and no descaling

  • Energy save mode – Save on power consumption

  • Preground coffee option for decaf.

  • Instant hot water for tea

  • Standard 10amp power point

  • No plumbing required

  • Coin / Token operation optional




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