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The Jura Impressa Z5 ONE TOUCH has a large precision grinders and a tank making it able to serve well over 25 cups of 20 speciality 1.5l water coffees.

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 The Jura Z5

    • Features of the Refurbished Jura Capresso Impressa Z5:One-touch Cappuccino / Latte Button
      Brew any size cappuccino or latte without moving the cup.Eight one-touch beverage buttons –
      From left to right: Milk and Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Special Coffee, Hot Water/Tea, 1 & 2 espressos, 1 & 2 coffees.
      Renaming – Personalize all beverage buttons with your own name creationsAll buttons individually programmable
      Five coffee strengths, three coffee temperatures, cup sizes from 1 to 16 oz., steamed milk from 2 to 120 seconds.Unique Rotary Dial
      Override strength and cup size while brewing.Height adjustable dual coffee spouts & Short and Long Dual Nozzle systems
      Accommodates tall, large and small cups.Commercial solid steel conical burr grinder
      6 fineness settings for any type of bean.Low noise grinder construction
      Quiet operation in any environment.Electronic bean level sensor
      Never run out of beans unexpectedly again.Automatic pre-ground coffee funnel system
      Accommodates pre-ground coffee, great for the occasional decaf drink.Large variable brewing chamber
      Automatically adjusts to hold between 5 and 16 grams of ground coffeeTwo stainless steel lined thermoblock heating systems
      Always ready for coffee and steam, no downtime, no contact with aluminum.18 bar power pump
      Always high pressure.  Pressure brewed coffee and espresso with crema…  Always perfect.Large containers
      96 oz. removable water container, 10 oz. coffee bean hopper, hand polished oversized die cast drip tray.Optional thermal milk container is available for sale not included3 line alpha numeric and graphic LED display with acoustical support
      Makes the z6 extremely user friendly5 Languages
      Choose from English, Spanish, German, French or Dutch.

      Clearyl water care system
      Makes decalcifying virtually obsolete

      Automatic display messages
      For refilling, milk cleaning, rinsing etc.  Fool proof operation.

      Cup Illumination
      Makes your perfect coffee shine!

      Programming / Maintenance / Information
      The following settings can be viewed or changed using the Jura Z5s unique rotary dial:
      Water Filter, Water Hardness, Six maintenance programs, coffee temperature, coffee strength, Milk volume, Energy saving settings, time, Auto-off, consumption info, renaming, language choice

      The Jura-Capresso Impressa Z5 espresso machine is UL listed for household use
      Ideal for home, office and small restaurants who need use of an espresso / cappuccino machine
      1350 Watts  120 volts  12.2″ Wide, 14.5″ High, 17.1″ deep  32 pounds
      Made in Switzerland – Warranty: 1 year

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