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The Jura Impressa S9 ONE TOUCH has two large precision grinders and a tank making it able to serve well over 100 cups of 20 speciality 2.5l water coffees.

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 The Jura Z9

    • Refurbished Jura Z9 Key Features:

      • The Aroma+ grinder on the Jura One Touch can grind fresh coffee beans twice as fast as conventional grinders.
      • High-tech features like refurbished TFT display and a rotary switch simplify the specialty coffee selection process.
      • Options to choose size, strength and temperature.
      • The nine-ounce bean hopper has an air-tight preservation cover and the funnel system accommodates ground coffee as well as beans.

      Outstanding Options

      The refurbished Jura Z9 is a high-tech, high performance machine designed to make a wide range of specialty coffees.The high speed Aroma+ grinder turns whole beans into fine grind while preserving their aroma; dual thermoblocks—one for coffee and hot water, another for steam—create the optimal conditions for brewing specialty coffee.

      Jura J9

      Ease of Operation

      Brewing an amazing cup of specialty coffee has never been easier. The used Impressa Z9 combines TFT technology, an intuitive color/text/graphic display along with a rotary switch that allows you to select an endless number of options to brew your favorite specialty coffee.

      Jura TFT Display and Rotary Switch

      The Top Topping

      The Jura Z9 features state-of-the-art fine foam technology to create the perfect fine milk foam finish for latte macchiato, cappuccino and other specialty coffees. And, thanks to the adjustable spout, it’s possible to add milk foam to a small cup of cappuccino or a tall mug of latte.

      Jura Feather-light Foam

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