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Sublimation Printing

We can sublimate Print almost anything you want on White Polyester T/shirts / Polyester Cushions / Mugs / Drink Bottles / Lanterns


Sublimation printing is a technique which is used to transfer photographic quality artwork on polyester garments. 
This printing technique is suitable for printing on polyester fabrics for corporate wear, sportswear, and uniforms etc. 
It is a process in which sublimation printer digitally prints on paper which is then transferred to polyester fabric 
through high temperature heat press. We have in-house all the equipment which needed in this 
process so we can deliver the orders in shortest possible time. sportswear, football jerseys, Water bottles, Mugs, Face Masks, cushion covers.

 Note: works best on white polyester products (light colour garments can also be done however they will not have the same vibrant effect)

No minimum orders required with Sublimation printing

Clean and detailed print of your image in high resolution

Photos are able to be produced no matter how many colours are in the picture, your sports team  or child or pet etc..

Polyester T/shirts

smoke horse
Santorini Sunset
Woman in a white t-shirt mockup

Polyester Cushions Designs

subl box style

Sublimation Mugs

travel mug

Drink Bottles


Sublimation Coasters / Mouse Pads / Fridge Magnets etc..


Sublimation Aluminum Photo Plaques

Sublimation Glass Photo frames