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Jura Coffee Machine Repairs & Servicing

Welcome to your one step destination for all Jura Coffee Machine requirements. We will fix any problems with your machine and service your machine, to keep it in perfect condition. We pride ourselves as being one of the only centres to fix and service Jura coffee machines in Australia, and we do it well.

We price fairly & do not charge for labour, you would be hard pressed to find cheaper at our level of quality.

We are based in Melbourne, but we service the whole of Australia.

Give us a call today to get a quote for a service or repair. 

Contact Number: +61 431 852 898

Alternatively, enquire about a repair


We specialize in repairing Jura, DeLonghi & Saeco brand coffee machines. If you have another brand contact us for more details about whether we can service or repair your machine. We repair Coffee Machines Australia Wide, it’s easy as arranging a courier with your details attached to the machine. 

Service & Repair Details:

  • After a quality service by us, you can expect the following benefits:
  • The flavour of your coffee will return to the original quality, no more weak tasting coffee! 
  • Your milk frother will be fixed and produce nice hot creamy milk.
  • The lifespan of your coffee machine will be extended and will be less likely to break down in the future.
  • We clean out any muck in your machine such as calcium deposits and other hygienic concerns.
  • We recommend getting your machine serviced every 6 months, as you would a car, this can help prevent issues long term and keep your coffee tasting great.
  • Contact us if you want more details of what is undertaken during service or repair
  • Repairs are done if there is something preventing the machine from working properly, typically a broken part that needs replacing, this incurs an additional separate fee due to the need to replace the part.
  • Warranty: Domestic 3 months, commercial 6 months (warranty only cover parts we replace and the work done)
  • We hold no liability for damage incurred during shipping of the unit.
  • Common issues with coffee machines: 
  • Coffee machine not switching on, switching off randomly or tripping the power
  • Broken parts such as coffee spouts, water tanks, drip trays 
  • Machine coming up with an error message, or continuously saying fill system
  • Bad or bitter taste, milk issues, temperature issues e.g. too hot or cold
  • Leaks from steam wand or brewing head
  • Not steaming or grinding properly
  • Loud or buzzing noises


Coffee Machine Servicing and Repairs are undertaken at our residential address:

10 Farmers Way, Point Cook VIC 3030

You can drop off and pick up your machine at this location to avoid shipping costs

Important: When dropping off a machine, ensure you contact us beforehand to arrange a suitable time to drop off and include a slip containing your contact details with the machine.